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Home » News » PASS KEY ART FESTIVAL - Montepulciano

29 september 5 october 2014

The Sienese Valdichiana welcomes autumn with a rich contemporary Art Festival. The historical “borghi” of Valdichiana will provide a backstage to paintings and modern sculptures and squares and cellars of Renaissance Palaces will be the setting of historical Masters and emerging under-35 artists. Not just exhibitions , music workshops, performances modern dance classes and wine tasting will also take place. Pass Key Art Festival has been produced in collaboration the local Museums, the Academy of Belle Arti in Florence, the Willem de Kooning Academie of Rotterdam and the Ljubjiana Academy of Fine Art the patronage of Regione Toscana the Union of Comuni Senesi della Valdichiana and the Foundation of Musei Senesi. For full information about events, artists, works, performances and locations plese check on website

Pass Key Art Festival - Montepulciano

From September 29 to October 5 Montepulciano and the “borghi” of Sienese Valdichiana will host an absolutely new event of Contemporary Art. The ancient Medieval buildings and the Renaissance Noble Palaces will turn into suggestive exhibition places. In Palazzo Avignonesi, exceptionally opend on this special occasion, the historical Masters Eugenio Carmi’s and Giuseppe de Gregorio’s personal works will appear under the title Colours and Soul. The Salone of Logge della Mercanzia will also host “ The Abstract Art of Italian ‘900 artists” a display of major painters’ best works of this genre. The students of Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence, Willem de Kooning Academie of Rotterdam and of Ljubjana Academy of Fine Art are exhibiting at the baroque Church of S.Bernardo in a display called “Accademie a confronto”. Contemporary under-35 artists will be reserved a special frame for their paintings and sculptures underground the historical cellars in a display called “Under the Ground”. Two impressive performances of Modern Dance are scheduled at Teatro Poliziano: on October 2 the Urban INK In progres Collective Dance will appear in Oceania an amazing stage effect play where in a complex combination of movements logic is forerun by an evocative dreamlike stage, a multisensorial experience designed by the coreographer Afshin Varjavandi. On Friday October 3 the Eleina D &Zamaga Athletic Dancers Company, is staging Woman a national premiere of tutor Kataklò for PASSKEY Festival, the four fundamental energies of nature interact in an acrobatic airy dance inclusive of Woman the fifth element. An unusual ensemble of Massimo Ottoni and Andrea “Atreio” Marcucci will open the night performance at the theatre. The suggestive images evoked with the Sound Art tecnique meet with Chapman Stick’s last frontier string instrument.






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