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Home » News » Icastica 2013 - Arezzo - June 7


Women’s art will be the highlight of the 1st edition of ICASTICA: a cultural exhibition of

international aesthetics, entrusted to Fabio Migliorati as director. The event has been

promoted by the Municipality of Arezzo with the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation and

Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Soprintendenza BAPSAE - and will take

place from 7th june to the 1st september 2013 in Arezzo. There will be over 20 culture

venues covering a 4 km route: a topical ceremony of visual expressiveness centred on

contemporary art surrounded by events of architecture, theatre, dance, music… All the

artistic venues - indoor and open air - are historic places or ones which have recently

open, in the heart of a city which lives this way facing the sacred and civic, history and

novelty, throughout squares and streets of the city center. Installations, performances,

conferences: shows between the past and present, on women issues as an example of

commitment, revival, vitality. ICASTICA means “the art of representing reality"; it means

an effective, sharp, attractive, hence concise, representation. “The criteria of the

concept is accurate but flexible, raised upon the "glocal" term - Fabio Migliorati

highlights - from the valuable thoughts of the sociologist Roland Robertson and the

philosopher Zygmunt Bauman, who, with the word Glocalisation, links "global" and

"local". The historic centre of Arezzo is hosting creative works in various spaces:

museums and historic palaces, prestigious basilicas, some of the most charming

squares of Arezzo - an itinerary between contemporary and Renaissance-medieval art,

thanks to the work of 40 artists along with the ones of Piero della Francesca, Vasari,

Cimabue. And then come the events: taking part in an activity full of expression being

the show, architecture, theatre, dance, music, critical reflection”. The event will be

unveiled in the city centre living amongst the city’s landmarks: monuments and unique

v e n u e s , w h i c h w i l l m a k e ICASTICA a n e x t r a o r d i n a r y


40 artists from all over the world, freely separated according to geographical belonging,

without necessarily representing every nation, amongst the young and well-known - in

collaboration whit Paivi Tirkkonen (international relations).

Location and names


- Galleria Comunale d'Arte Contemporanea: Carole Feuerman, USA; Whitney McVeigh,

UK; Tamara Kvesitadze, GEORGIA; Tania Bruguera, CUBA; Ximena Garrido-Lecca,

PERU'; Cecilia Paredes, PERU'; Tanya Akhmetgalieva, RUSSIA; Marya Kazoun,

LEBANON; Soyeon Cho, KOREA; Belle Shafir, ISRAEL; Raeda Sa'adeh, PALESTINE;

Shaikha Al Mazrou, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES; Yin Xiuzhen, CHINA; Chen Ke, CHINA;

Cui Xiuwen, CHINA; Shirin Neshat, IRAN; Nina Papaconstantinou, GRECE; Maddalena

Ambrosio, ITALY; Tamara Ferioli, ITALY; Carla Mattii, ITALY; Candice Breitz, SOUTH

AFRICA; Kiki Smith, USA

- Casa delle Culture: Remen Chopra, INDIA; Vibha Galhotra, INDIA; Monali Meher,


- Urban Center: Anastasia Ax, SWEDEN; Monali Meher, INDIA

- Palazzo dei Priori: Carole Feuerman, USA

- Chiesa dei SS Lorentino e Pergentino: Andrée Weschler, SINGAPORE

- Casa Museo Ivan Bruschi: Carole Feuerman, USA; Chiharu Shiota, JAPAN

- Basilica di S Domenico: Mona Hatoum, LEBANON

- Basilica di S Francesco: Heike Weber, GERMANY

- Palazzo Chianini-Vincenzi: Yoko Ono, NUTOPIA; Jennifer White Kuri, USA; Liina Siib,

ESTONIA; Marianna Uutinen, FINLAND; Carole Feuerman, USA; Virginia Ryan,


- Sala S Ignazio: Yoko Ono, NUTOPIA

- Museo Casa di Giorgio Vasari: Marina Abramovic, MACEDONIA

- Museo Archeologico Mecenate: Virginia Ryan, AUSTRALIA

- Museo Nazionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna: Vibha Galhotra, INDIA; Carole

Feuerman, USA; Chiharu Shiota, JAPAN; Federica Marangoni, ITALY; Amy Cheung,



- Piazza S Jacopo: Vibha Galhotra, INDIA

- Corso Italia + S Agostino Square: Alicia Martin, SPAIN

- Logge di Giorgio Vasari + Piazza della Libertà: Kaarina Kaikkonen, FINLAND

- Piazza S Francesco: Federica Marangoni, ITALY

- Piazza Guido Monaco + Via Guido Monaco: Tamara Ferioli, ITALY

Scientific Committee

Marco Bazzini - Centro Pecci, Prato; Maria Grazia Bellisario - MIBAC, Roma; Laura

Cherubini - MADRE, Napoli / Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano; Maria Vittoria Marini

Clarelli - GNAM, Roma; Micol Forti - Contemporary section of Musei Vaticani, Roma;

Michele Loffredo - Museo Casa Vasari; Pasquale Macrì (coordinator) - Assessor in

charge of the culture department, Arezzo; Anna Mattirolo - MAXXI, Roma; Fabio

Migliorati (president) - Artistic Director of Exibition Activities, Arezzo; Franziska Nori -

Strozzina, Firenze; Mario Perniola - University of Roma, Roma; Paola Refice - Museo

Nazionale d'Arte Medievale e Moderna, Arezzo.


THEATRE (project by Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo and Andrea Biagiotti)

Monica Guerritore, Emma Dante.

DANCE (project by Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo and Andrea Biagiotti, in

collaboration with Teatro Franco Parenti of Milano)

Luciana Savignano, Roy Assaf, Noa Shadur.

UT FESTIVAL (curated by Gianni Morelenbaum Gualberto)

Skin, Isabella Rossellini, Anat Cohen, Maya Beiser.

ARCHITECTURE (curated by the PPC Architect Association Arezzo)

Carmen Andriani

DEJEUNER SUR L'HERBE (curated by the Library City of Arezzo and Accademia

Petrarca di Letters, Arts e Science): meetings on the gardens of the town with the

protagonists of the world of aesthetics.


The ICASTICA prize will be the Chimera, symbol of the town of Arezzo, where the

ancient bronze of this mythological creature was found. The chimeras, forged in

precious metal, will be assigned in contest and hors concours, by the Scientific

Committee. The medal of the President of the Italian Republic, will also be assigned by

the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation, within the International Polyphonic Contest.



06/39746222 – 335/294961

Municipality of Arezzo Culture Department


Guido d'Arezzo Foundation




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