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Daniela Rosignoli
Arte Contemporanea
Her painting is the outcome of an inner quest, animated by a deep sensibility and driven by an “ancient” approach and yet in perpetual progress and renewal. To Daniela, life and most especially art are indeed based on the everyday elaboration both of real facts and of deep emotions; whereas humanity looks petrified, locked up in its contradictions and entrenched in its suffering, she is able to find a gleam of hope, the evidence of some light and self-consciousness. A completely original technique, resulting from an evolution of dripping handled in a personal way and with a perfectly controlled execution, helps to transfer emotions, thoughts and personal experiences onto universal level.

Gisella Sassoli
"La passione per la pittura ad acquerello si č sviluppata nel tempo e siccome sono un’ecologista,la mia passione per la natura mi ha ispirato a dipingere acquerelli di paesaggi, animali,piante e fiori. Invece č soltanto negli ultimi tre anni che ho iniziato a dipingere ritratti di personaggi famosi e a fare ritratti su commissione, a partire da foto."


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