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Montorio , this is the original name, was built at the beginning of XV century as a convent.Today is a charming country house located on it's own hilltop that overlooks the church of SAn Biagio designed by the architect Antonio da SAngallo during the Reinassance.For its particular location and the stunning and unique view that it is possible to enjoy from MOntorio you have a feeling to be in paradise.You will find a perfect balance between the beausty of nature, the beauty of art and history and the simple and genuine country life style.You can sit hours in the garden just looking the stunning view, listen the sing of the bird and read a book.MOntorio has 5 indipendent apartments, with kitchen or kitchenette , can be rent with a minimum of 3 nigths. A daily maid service is offered as a common laundry , parking and a gorgeous garden with garden facilities. Located on its hill, MOntorio is just outisde the city wall, in 5 minutes walking distance it is possible to reach all the services: restaurant grocery store, supermarket and the center of the town is at 15 minutes walking distance.At MOntorio you will feel like to be in your private home.

Address: Strada per Pienza n. 2, 53040 Montepulciano (SI)
Phone: +39 0578 717442
Fax: +39 0578 715635

Manager: Stefania Savini


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