Tenuta "La Fratta"

F irst reliable account of the mediaeval village "La Fratta" go back to the XIIIth century; property of the family of Guardavalle counts, "La Fratta" was involved in the struggle between Guelfi and Ghibellini. It became a Ghibellini's strong hold and Ghino di Tacco, celebrated by Dante and Boccaccio, was one of it's rulers. With the changings of time the castel was transformed into a villa in the middle of an estate. Now a days there is a main villa sourrounded of several country buildings. Thanks to the renowned tradition of the owners, the results is a union of charm and pure beauty; the dominant colour of the red brick of the renaissance part of the villa blends together with the magnificiency of the surroundings.

A very special part in the farm's activity is the breeding of the famous Tuscany cattle of "Chianina" breed. It's one of the most ancient and valuable cattle breed. The Chianina is well known and estimated for its beauty, liveliness, temperament, disposition to work and for her delicious meat. The Chianina is recognizable for its' white coat a its' great dimensions, it is the biggest in the world. In 1930 the estate La Fratta has been one of the three farms selected for the breeding of this special cattle. The founder bulls were Giogo, Bando, Moderno, and the famous Donetto who won the guinness of live-weight with his 1780 Kg. Today the Estate "La Fratta" constitutes the most important breeding site of pure Chianina Race; it is possible to buy both livestock and butchered meat. The latter is finding arenewd interest in restauration since the rediscovering of this splendid meat.

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